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A slot-machines has 3 spinning reels with 22 positions per reel, painted with icons. Each time a spin is complete, the three reels pause randomly with an arrangement of symbols showing in the internetslots machines window. Certain combinations of pictures in the game display consequence in payoffs. The payoffs for the various winning combinations are shown in a window at the top of each netslots.

U.K betting casino slotsmachine operates similar to jackpot machines located in the casinos throughout the world. The one difference, and one that is greatly in favor of the gambler, is that you can change your coin denomination from.25 to @ without changing to another game machine!

In order to commence enjoying internetslots, you must put money into the game. To perform this, you have to choose a bank bill value (,,,, 100) at the right hand side of the netslots machines display. You have the option to browse through the various bill types by pressing on preferred denomination.

After you`ve finished with your selection, deposit the bill into the internetslots machines by clicking on the insert bill place. You are supposed to see a bill move into the slotmachine. You may after that pick which coin value you wish to play for -.25,,, or otherwise. To raise or decrease values, please click on the "left arrow" or otherwise "right arrow" keys, respectively, at the left of the webslots.

Once you have deposited to the onlineslots and then chose a coin value, the amount of coins you have available within the machine is indicated in the Credits field at the corner of the top right hand side of the slot-machine with an initial bet of one shown in the Bet field. Meaning, in case you put in and then choose the coin denomination options fixed on, you are going to find 20. If you then press the "right arrow" button of the coin value settings (this is going to change the coin value to 25 cents), you shall at that time see that the Credits field has been changed to 80.

The Bet field shows the amount of coins you`ve chosen to bet in the current spin. Remember that the BALANCE field won`t change when you toggle the coin value because they indicate your balance in terms of dollars (not coins).

Once you`ve inserted cash into the netslots machines and chosen a coin value, you are allowed then to press on the BET ONE key up to a maximum of three clicks which is also the limit bet of three coins. Some game machines such as Flower Power and Forbidden Fruit allow a maximum bet of 5 coins. You can then start the reels spinning by pressing on the SPIN REELS key. In case you want to risk the highest amount of coins - three per spin, you can on the other hand choose to easily click the BET MAX key, and this will start to spin the reels instead of you immediately. After the reels pause, your prize shall be determined from a table of winning combinations displayed on the upper part of every machine. Any credits you gain will be shown in the Paid field.

As you are making your coming bet, the credits in the Paid field shall be added to your Credits (minus the amount of the bet which is going to be displayed in the Bet field. To turn your machine credits back into ordinary chips, press on the CASH OUT button. To switch the sort of slot-machines you`re using, press on the slotmachine in the menu bar you wish to play. If you switch the game machine mode, your credits and coin denominations are not going to change.

In case you move to a machine that doesn`t offer the particular denomination that you were playing, then the amount of credits remains unaffected, however the denomination shall change. If you change from a higher denomination game to a smaller value machine, any extra coins shall be returned into your BALANCE field.

Note: You only have the option to move netslots machines after your hand is completed, i.e. when the BET buttons are active.

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